Magri Bathrooms leading one of the highly branded shower enclosures in Malta and believes that shower enclosures are very essential for a complete bathroom. With an unbeatable range of shower enclosure?s and glass shower panels that you can imagine. All our shower cubicles are manufactured to meet the highest standards and are designed from outstanding quality materials.

Our shower cubicle come in range of models that everyone can desire. The Ranges are Opening (Pivot Doors), Sliding Doors, Walk in, Folding, Wall to Wall and Bath Screens. All the mentioned shower enclosures are made with Aluminium coated with chrome with a warranty of 2 years or 5 years.


Opening Showers


Wall to Wall Showers


Folding doors


Walk In




Bath Screens


Shower Trays



Opening shower know as well as a Pivot Doors are a perfect solution for a recess showering space. Single pivot doors range from 700-1000mm in size and can also be made into a full enclosure, for corner fitting, with the addition of a side panel. There’s very little to go wrong with shower doors with a pivot hinge, with the pivot itself being the only mechanical part. The fact that the hinge is offset also means that the door doesn’t fully open out into your bathroom, saving precious bathroom space. This also puts less stress on the pivot joint with some of the door weight being behind the pivot.


Wall to Wall shower cubicle this can be folding, Pivot and sliding as it is made with a front glass only between to walls. Also this can be possible with a frameless shower door.


Folding doors are known for the inward opening split door design means the unit has a small footprint that doesn’t impact on the rest of the bathroom.

Bifold sizes range from 700-1200mm with adjustment to suit most alcoves. All of our models can be easily and cheaply made into a full cubicle with the addition of a side panel. Because bifold are made up of a frame within a frame the glass.


Walk In shower enclosures known for a replacing a long bath. In fact, many people are swapping baths in favour of a walk in shower since they look great and offer better accessibility. Showers are available in various thicknesses of glass. These include 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Also this can be use in a modern bathroom as it can come in black and chrome.


Sliding glass shower doors are a popular design thanks to their flexibility on size, coupled with space saving credentials. On most models a single glass panel is mounted on rollers and slides behind the other fixed screen meaning no outward opening into the bathroom. These models also offers compatible side panels to make into a full enclosure for a corner. Sliding Doors also know for their ultimate luxury choose of a frameless sliding door and a corner entry design. Sliding doors come in a wide range; round, square or rectangular.


A bathscreen is the perfect solution if you don’t have enough room for a dedicated shower enclosure. The addition of a bath screen to any bath instantly transforms it into a practical showering space. Forget the flimsy shower rail with tacky curtain that sticks to your skin and enjoy a designer shower screen that is far better at preventing water leakage.


In Malta also we are offering also a free cut shower trays that gained immediate popularity due to their non slip properties and also because they can be cut and custom fit in small awkward spaces. They also come in low profile at 3cm high having no border gives them a very stylish and sleek look and easy to be cut. These also come in various dimensions from 80cm x 80cm square to largest size 180cm x 90cm rectangular. Free cut trays are made from resin and are also resistant to chemicals and stains materials.