Although the most common bath installation is the built in bath, we also provide more elaborated designs such as?free standing acrylic bath tubs. The?built in acrylic bath tub?is a basic bath, but still offering clean lines and a nice design at a very reasonable price. We still use good quality materials and certified acrylics ensuring nice finish and stain free acrylics. On the other hand if you want your bath to be the focal point in your bathroom, the free-standing baths are most
ideal. These come in acrylic finish or resin materials.


Built In Baths


Freestanding Baths



Built-in acrylic bathtubs are the most known bath tubs. It has to be the focal point of a bathroom. Bathtubs can be encased in a variety of ways using custom enclosures, such as tiling, which can be perfectly matched to the
rest of the bathroom. The Built-in bathtubs can be found in various size from 70cm x 140cm to 80cm x180cm in a
rectangular shape.


Freestanding bath tubs are designed for people who want to give their bathrooms a special touch. They make it possible to customize your bathroom?s style by placing the free-standing tub at any place in the room wherever you feel it?s most appealing. A practical advantage to build-in bath tubs is that the free-standing tub in usual requires less space.

In our collection all free standing tubs come with a slim edge and very clean lines. A lot of detail goes also into the manufacturing. All acrylic bath tubs are internally re-enforced with wood. This gives added strength and will
ensure no cracks during usage. The overflow is neat and finished in stainless steel.